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Webb Family

Killed two (or three) birds with one stone on this shoot. A family portrait, book cover, and graduation picture all in one! I used to teach one of the little girls at church. Thanks guys!

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  1. Almost all of them were at the Palace, a few were taken across the street on some brick stairs.

  2. How are they goingt to decide?! They are all so beautiful!

  3. Absolutely FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!

  4. These are awesome Kelli! Love them all!!

  5. Great shots!

  6. Gorgeous photos and location! Were all of them taken at the Palace of Fine Arts? I think I must have missed a few spots on the day that I went.

  7. thanks kelli!! =) heh i am in LOVE with your kid shots, those ROCK! kids seriously make my day… way to go!

  8. This is at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.

  9. Wow what a beautiful location. Where is this?

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