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This kid has tons of energy and was so much fun to run around with, literally! Such a fun shoot with an adorable little boy!

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  1. I LOVE these pictures Kelli!! They are so perfect!

  2. Totally the epitome of “sticks and snails and puppy dog tails….” so cute!

  3. Kelli, I Love, Love, Love the pictures! You did an amazing job. I want to see all the others:) (total mom) I love the collage too.

  4. Love the collage! Too cute!

  5. This is one of your best shoots yet. You totally captured this beautiful boy. Totally. I can’t wait for Gena & Kevin to see them.

  6. I too LOVE the layout!!! What perfect pictures, they totally capture that “little boy” personality!!!

  7. Draegen is such a monkey ! He is the one of the top five most handsome boys in our ward…he is also the best dressed 🙂 He is the perfect combo of Gena and Kevin ! I love the pics Kelli you did a such a cute layout !!

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