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Jones Family, part 1

I have about a million pictures from this family shoot with my sister's family, but I've only been able to edit a few and I wanted her to see them! So here it is, installment 1 of the Jones fam.

PS: If you can't tell I LOVE sunglasses shots, so if you have some and would like some pictures with them, bring 'em along!

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  1. Kelli, if anyone could make this family look any more beautiful than they are it is you!

    Brooke, you should be so proud of your family, all so gorgeous and happy 🙂

  2. Oh, I absolutely LOVE these!! They are so fabulous! I love the one of Ella and the one of the boys doing their “moves”. The sunglasses ones are really cool too. I just love all of them!!! Can’t wait to see part 2.

  3. HA, thanks Gretchen :o)

  4. Love them. Love the pictures! Another great job Kelli!

  5. Brooke you sexay MOMMA ! WOW LOVE THESE PHOTOS BIG TIME ! They’re all fabooo !

  6. I especially like the first one of Cade. The texture is really cool (is that what you call it?).

  7. I love them, TOO. The Ella pic is my favorite one yet. LOVE Cade’s cool shades and Jaxon’s BLUE eyes. Love them all.

  8. AHHHHH, I LOVE them!!!!!!!!! I love every single one, I am dying now to see the rest :o) Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

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