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Little Man "T"

And by little I mean tiny. I really wanted to get these pictures up for this new mom and dad as I can't even imagine what this must be like for them! Born at 26 weeks, I photographed this little guy when he was 2 lbs 12 oz, after having gained a whole pound in just the last week! He's a feisty little guy, keep fighting T!

PS: I photograph babies in the NICU for free and I love to do it so please let me know if you know someone who can use these services.

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  1. wow, I have 2 little ones born 2 months early and both spent time in the NICU… on is now a healthy 3 year old and the other is a healthy and feisty 1 year old… I saw these pictures and was so touched. What a wonderful service you offer to these parents!!

  2. Wow, Kelli. What a gift to those parents. He is beautiful and the pictures capture him and the love of his parents beautifully. Very nice job

  3. Kelli, these photos are absolutely beautiful. You captured the beauty of baby Tucker perfectly!

  4. Incredible! Wow. Speechless.

  5. I love them Kelli and Audra! He does look beautiful and you can see the love you guys feel for him. Wonderful pictures!

  6. These are fantastic! He is so adorable! Loved the one with Danny holding the diaper.

  7. Thank you Kelli…you have shown everyone how beautiful our little baby is!!! I will always remember that day, your pictures are amazing, we are truly blessed!! Thank you again!!

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