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Larson family

Meet the Larson family. They introduced me to a great beach down in La Jolla and it was the perfect morning for a beach shoot! They actually met a few years back at the same church congregation (ward) that I'm in right now in Vista!

Check out the bright blue eyes and killer dimple on their little guy!

It was so great to meet you!!

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  1. I love them!!! Let’s do beach shots here on one of your trips out!!! (if you don’t mind 🙂 )

  2. absolutely stunning…wish we had those beautiful beaches over here!

  3. Oh wow, what a great shoot. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them, too! I can’t decide my favorite….maybe the last one.

  4. These are great Kelli! I’m doing a baby shoot tonight. I really wish you were here with all your magical baskets and such.

  5. dude. you know that brad and i grew up in vista, right? what ward are you in? and when is church?…because my husband and i will be in town next weekend!

  6. I am, of course, obsessed with your beach shots. Just wanted to let you know that these have me VERY excited!

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them too!!!! They are all fabulous, what a great place to take pics, I love theone of mom and dad kissing and the baby is smiling and the one on the little boy where he’s standing up and his back is to the camera, and the one where they are holding his hand and lifting him up, should I go on… ;o)

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I can’t pic a favorite, I really love them.

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