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The Williams: The beginning

The start of the Williams family seen here, here, here, and here! How lucky they are to have such a wonderful family!

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The 5-day-old wonder

This handsome fellow did not relieve himself once during the whole shoot! All my fabrics stayed in great shape, which is a first for me! He also slept without taking a break to eat for 2 hours (though we did have to get him back to sleep a few times). I told mom and dad he deserved some kind of an award :). Isn't he adorable?!?

Love those little newborn grins!

I love mom's face in this shot! She loves her boy so much.

Big sister was adorable.

This cracks me up. Big sis didn't want much to do with pictures 🙂

By the way, I've got about 9 more shoots coming your way! Including 2 more newborns. Be prepared!!


What the Duck?

This was from a while back, but I'm so busy right now it made me think back to this :).

I love my job, all ninety-one hours of it!

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Kristi and her boys

This is one of the last shoots for my bfa project! I did one more that will soon be blogged. My sister has been this 18-month-old's nanny since he was a newborn! He's been featured on this blog several times 🙂 here (one of my first blog posts!), here, and here. This little guy is his cousin, so they both get to be in my show!

I think mom is around 7-8 months pregnant here, doesn't she look amazing?!?

I'm having a hard time choosing one for my project, but I'm leaning towards this one, what to do you think?

I'm kind of in love with his face. Isn't he just beautiful?!


We ALL got soaked

While I'm pretty sure I had the most fun out of the 3 of us, I'm sure they enjoyed this too. By the end we were ALL completely soaked and it was so much fun!