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I have a soft spot for twins 🙂 and these two are no exception! Look how beautiful they are!! I just love dark eyes because they reflect everything. And their lips. I did not get blessed with full lips, so I always envy them, but these are spectacular. I thought about sneaking away with one. Mom wouldn't notice one little baby missing, right?? I loved all the color in their house and the huge zebra print in the living room!! Mom was especially beautiful too and looked uh-mazing after having twins! Thanks for being the last mom on my list for my final project!!! (which goes up in 3 weeks! AH!)

Ah, this face. Look at this face!

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  1. Oh my goodness! These babies are adorable!

  2. wow, those babies are so gorgeous!

  3. LOVE love these pictures. The ones of the babies and mom together are amazing!

  4. oh my, those are BEAUTIFUL children (and mommy) and those pictures take your breath away!!!

  5. Kelli,

    These are just beautiful! so honored to be a part of your project! I have to say my babies are pretty cute! (spoken like a true mom lol)

  6. Wow, all three are stunning! Love them!

  7. heavenly…

  8. I did not know that it was possible to have such adorable knuckle dimples! Seriously, who has ever noticed those before?

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