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Africa Show is up!

For anyone who's interested (and in Utah) my Africa show is up at BYU and there will be an opening reception tonight from 6-8 in the HFAC (Harris of Fine Arts Center). The show is on the 4th floor west hall. Hope to see you there!

A little bit of Hope 🙂

PS: After the show goes down I'll be selling all the framed (and a few unframed) prints and all the profit will go straight to sponsoring children at the orphanage I went to in Ghana. Check back in 2 weeks for more details!

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  1. I’m so mad I live like 2000 miles away :o( I hope the show went well and I hope you took pictures…of your pictures!!!

  2. This is a beautiful photo….and somehow this is the first time I’ve seen this one (I think). I hate that I’ll miss this show, but I’m so excited to be at the next one. Proud of you!!!

  3. would love to see… and purchase!!
    I love all that I saw on flickr.

  4. Good luck tonight Kelli! I SO wish I could be there!

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