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I love this little girl…

...who loves to be 'nakie' :). She would prance around in her panties everywhere she goes if she could. She used to hate it when I took her picture, but I guess she's going through a phase where it's not too bad. See you in October Chica!

Here she is looking for Dora in my camera 🙂

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  1. Oh my gosh. Her eyes are incredible.
    Beautiful pics! I love all the personality in these too.

  2. These photos are incredible!!!!

  3. LOL Kristin!! I’m laughing so hard at my cute little Chica. And stealing Grethen’s wallet?? LOL. Oh dear. What WILL we do with her?

  4. lol at Gretchen! The other day Tessa stole Gretchen’s wallet and hid it in the playhouse. It took her all day to find it.

    Kelli, I LOVE these pictures!!! They are SO Tessa. How adorable—I love that girl!

    Speaking of Chica, the other day in the car I said to Tessa, “Let’s go Chica!” and she laughed and said, “Chica?!?! that’s what KELLI calls me silly!”

  5. I taught Swavek the term “Nakie” tonight. He really liked it. That first picture is just awesome. How did you get such expressive nieces and nephews?

  6. I LOVE these!!! My favorite is the last one, she is just too ADORABLE!!!!!!!!

  7. I love this little girl, too, AND I love these pictures. They really capture her.

  8. I love that little nakey Tessa. Mia is exactly the opposite. She freaks out when she doesn’t have clothes on.

  9. She’s so sweet and beautiful! I love her too!

  10. This little girl might be sweet, adorable, and the smartest girl I have ever met..(her mental age is still a mystery) but she is a klepto ! Oh and by the way..I am proud of you…and these are beautiful pictures of Tessa 🙂

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