Nicole + Quincy

Almost married! I flew up to Portland a few days before this couple’s wedding in Washington so we could do a little ‘engagement’ shoot. I guess it’s not really an e-session, but we all thought it’d be fun to just get some shots of them in their normal clothes. It was so much fun! This was my first trip to Portland and everywhere I looked there was something I wanted to shoot. I think I loved this caboose as much as they did :). Wedding pictures to come soon!

The Jackson girls

1 more baby girl makes 4 beautiful sisters! I got to photograph this little one at 14 days and then all her big sisters! They were such a joy to photograph. Thanks for flying me up!!

Probably my favorite from the shoot 🙂

I think she was mad at the cat 🙂

Hands of Mercy – Africa Show

Thank you SO much to everyone who took the time to check out my show and/or came to my opening reception. I truly appreciate it and it was so enjoyable and fun to see everyone and meet some new people!

As promised, I’ll be selling all the pictures to go towards sponsorship of children in the Hands of Mercy Orphanage that I volunteered at. Sponsorship helps to provide medical care, educational needs, etc. When I was there Charity and Jacob weren’t able to go to school because they didn’t have the money for it. Currently, (out of the children in the show) I believe Ruth and King David (yes, that’s his name) are not sponsored, but the orphanage has received several new children lately, including some very young infants that needs sponsors. By sponsoring we can have correspondence with the children and I’ll post any letters or pictures I receive from the kids. If anyone wants to adopt one of the munchkins you just let me know :).

All the framed pictures will be sold for $150 and the unframed pictures for $100. There is a slight student discount so that it makes it a little easier for you college students to help out too. Contact me for more details on that. If all the pictures are sold we can sponsor 4-7 children for a year!

Each print is 12×18 and the frames are 18×24 fineline black metal frame (they’re very thin, I’ll post a picture later today when I can get one). The pictures are all toned slightly with an ‘antique’ tone and printed on metallic paper.

If you live in Utah between Salt Lake and Spanish Fork I’ll deliver or you can arrange to pick it up. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area I’ll be driving there October 15th and you can save on shipping by letting me know in advance so I can drive it out!

To order please email me at kelli (at) kellinicolephoto (dot) com.

The following is my artist statement, click on it to make it big enough to read. Thanks for checking this out!

The following (21) are the framed pictures that made it into the show:

1. Hannah
2. Around the corner
3. One of many
4. Ruth
5. Micah
6. Luke
7. Philip and the sticker brigade
8. Jacob
9. Emmanuella
10. Tear
11. African evening
12. Charity-SOLD
13. Brothers
14. Yep, I’m cool
15. Faith
16. Charity
17. Sammy
18. King David
19. Peter-SOLD
20. Natural beauty
21. Hope

The following are unframed (they just didn’t make the final cut, but I have prints!):

22. I love stickers!
23. Micah, Jacob, and Philip
24. Simon
25. Looking up
26. David
27. Jacob’s eyes
28. Playing
29. Hannah’s eyes
30. Jacob-SOLD