Kelli Nicole Photography – Houston Photographer

The Johnson Family. Is Rad.

I love this shoot. Sure, the 3 year old wasn't exactly fond of me at first, but wow, after that doughnut! She was magic :). Enjoy some pictures of some beautiful people!

Now lets all practice something. Look at the next picture and tell her "No." Go ahead. Try it. Can't do it? Neither can I.

They are Adorable. With a capital A.


Future GAP models

Aren't they beautiful?? Actually, they could be Gap models right now. This was such a bright colorful shoot and I can't wait to share more! Enjoy!


Megan and Scott

Megan is my sister's husband's dad's brother's daughter! She's also a photographer out here in North Carolina. It was so much fun to go to their beautiful home and photograph her and Scott! I just love their house and their property. It's so beautiful! Thanks for having me!


Saunders family

One picture of my brother and his family. Love love love this.


The Color Blue

I had to post this picture because I am in love with this baby and this picture. I want to have babies that look just like him.