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Megan and Scott

Megan is my sister's husband's dad's brother's daughter! She's also a photographer out here in North Carolina. It was so much fun to go to their beautiful home and photograph her and Scott! I just love their house and their property. It's so beautiful! Thanks for having me!

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  1. Wow, small world! I stumbled onto your blog and looked around. Megan was one of my house-mates at Learnfest, she is the sweetest person ever and an awesome photographer. As are you, nice shots, so beautiful!

  2. I love the shadow one, the close-ish one by the tree, the b&w in the house looks like a magazine add, and more. Nice shots.

  3. I LOVE them!!!! Meg, you look gorgeous!!! Kelli…fabulous job

  4. Ha, ha! I love the pitchfork one. Her top is way cute, too.

  5. A beautiful couple living in a really gorgeous home! Just might be my dream home right there!

  6. Thanks for coming out Kelli! The one with the pitch fork cracks me up! haha! Thanks again!

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