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I had the chance to photograph my oldest sister's family a couple of week ago and here are a few of the pictures! I never know what I'm going to get with my own family, as sometimes they run screaming from my camera :). And sometimes the children won't cooperate either.

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  1. Cute pictures!! Tessa is looking more and more like Josh!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE that last one, and the first one of Tessa and the cute one of you and Ty and actually I guess I am madly in love with them all!!! I can’t wait to see their Christmas card!

  3. so cute! I loved all your christmas cards this year. can’t wait for tomorrow. Also I LOVE the chubby baby photos so cute.

  4. Love that last picture, such cute kids!

  5. I adore that little pink coat

  6. I think your family got all the cute genes.

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