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Carrie + Andrew engaged!

So somehow I've sorta fallen into the roll of official photographer for this guy's family. I've photographed his sisters and their families here, here, here, and here! Oh, and here. I'm so excited for Carrie and Andrew's wedding in May at my favorite temple! They were so relaxed and fun and Andrew had Carrie cracking up the entire time. Congratulations!! It was so great to meet you :).

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  1. Kelly! These are some of my best Family Friends! Andrew’s Parent’s and my Parent’s are best Friends! How funny and Small Worldish! Gorgeous pictures by the way!

  2. Kelli, your photos keep getting better and better. Truly!


  3. Absolutely beautiful. Love these pictures!

  4. ahhhh, those are gorgeous!!! It’s about time…I was starting to show signs of withdrawal from your lack of blog postings ;o)

  5. Oh these are really great!

  6. Love Love Love and Love these pictures, Your awesome!

  7. Its because you are the greatest! Great shoot! Love those pics- the subjects arent too bad either! 😉


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