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Robyn + Kevin engaged!

See this first picture? This is why they should get an award. I was bundled up in a wool coat, scarf, and hat. Though Robyn did have a man to keep her warm...And ya know what? If you look hard enough at the last picture you'll see why we ended the shoot at that point.

Robyn and I used to work together at BYU and I remember meeting Kevin one day long ago in our lounge :). I remember thinking he had really cool hair. At one point Robyn commented "You must have a really strong stomach." Lol! I just like hanging out with couples in-love! I'm also pretty much in-love with their color choices (and I love that his shirt totally matches her eyes). We started the shoot off at Robyn's family's cabin and it had gorgeous light on the porch, despite the horrible weather! Pretty sure a May wedding in San Diego will be much, much warmer.

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  1. I totally know Kevin! I remember seeing him and Robyn in January and feeling a bit excited for the boy – he was definitely deserving of someone pretty great! 🙂

    These shots look great! well done!

  2. FABULOUS pictures Kelli!!! Can’t pick a favorite:) Great job!

  3. Wow! What a pretty couple. you captured them so well Kelli. Gorgeous!

  4. LOVE these pictures, the couple, the colors, the hair. Awesome!

  5. I think I say this a lot, but i really mean it this time ;o) these are my favorite engagement shoots yet! Beautiful people, and BEAUTIFUL pics!!!! AMAZING job!!!!

  6. I love love love these. Hard to pick favorites, but possibly the inside cabin B&W where they are kissing and she's leaning on the railing, and then the last one. Beautifully captured moments.

  7. I love the vintage look!! It looks like as ad campaigne for Abercrombe….beautiful…. nice job!

  8. Oh Kelli, I really love your work…it’s beautiful 🙂

  9. I love that you included the thermometer in the first shot. And she must be really in love if she doesn’t mind that rain in her pretty pretty hair!

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