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Mammoth Men!!!

I'm home for a few hours of sleep (and apparently blogging) before I head out again to the land of no internet, but I pretty much would have shot myself before waiting 4 more days to post these pictures.

I went to the BluDomain party Tuesday night at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas (part of my WPPI extravaganza) and got a few shots of some of my favorite people :). The Mammoth Men were featured and the 12 guys each karaoke'd for us. It was special.

Bobbi sure knows how to rock.
Mammoth Men wives rocked the floor like groupies, which made for some great shots!
Michael Norwood got down with his bad self.

Matt Sloan showed us how to rock the air guitar like a superstar.

Nate, well, he glistened.

And proved that he's a rockstar.
Chantastic killed it.
Meet the suave Gabriel Ryan
Justin and Amelia Lyon taught us all about thongs and the cool way to wear red pants with pink shoes. And yellow skinny jeans.
Mark Brooke got everyone feelin' it. Especially Gabriel.
Kyle Barnes somehow got Jeff to start taking off his clothes.
Jeremy Parsons swooned us. And his wife on her voicemail. At 2 am.

A quick photo-op with Mammoth Men wives plus Jessica Claire! My head looks huge. I know.
Eligible bachelor Fred Egan everyone...The ONLY single mammoth men.
Jory Cordy amazed us all with his mad skillz.
And Jeff Newsom, well, lets just say he knows how to ROCK.
I think it's obvious.
Dave and Quin partied right along with the rest of us.


Best. Party. EVER.

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  1. Lol, well if you aren’t a photographer you probably won’t know who they are :). Click on the link and you can read more about them!

  2. yeah, I think this means I am officially old :o( I sadly don’t know anything about the Mammoth Men either…but I can tell you all about the last episode of Mickey Mouse clubhouse, Star Wars Clone Wars, or Zach and Cody’s Sweet Life…

  3. I have to know…WHO are the MAMMOTH MEN??

  4. Oh my gosh – I am so living through these photos! How awesome is that?! Keep the photos coming!

  5. OH MY GOSH!! The pic of my hubby is so friken hott!!! 🙂 Thanks for getting insanely cool pics so I could experience what I missed in some small way!! 🙂

  6. YAY!!!! That was the FUNNEST!!!!

  7. Completely and totally radtastic. Emphasis on period.

  8. Hello
    This is the fun police.
    You guys are SO busted!!!
    Spread ’em!

  9. I heard that this was a kinda/sorta good party, maybe shoulda chnged my flight home. cool story hansel.

  10. love it!!! these are so awesome! thanks so much for taking all of these!!!!

  11. What a great set of photos… and I am very jealous…looks like a great party!

  12. Living a little vicariously through you. Thanks for the ride.


  14. KELLI! THAT SO ROCKED!!!!! 🙂 I LOVE EVERY PHOTO!!! 😀 I do have to say that my favorite is the shot of Jeremy swooning the ladies 🙂 My second fave? Matt Sloan and the air guitar! GAH LOVE ALL OF THEM!!!!! 🙂

    You’re flipping amazing. IT WAS AWESOME MEETING YOU! 🙂

  15. You have a fun life.

  16. I’m officially jealous!

  17. OMG! This was awesome! So glad to of seen these and to party with ya! Safe Travels!!!

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