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Sometimes, I neglect my family, & then I discover these, months later

It's kinda like Christmas. With pictures from October being finally uploaded in March. I apologize to my family for neglecting all their pictures (but give me a break, I have 4 siblings and they're all married and all have children).

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  1. Kelli, OMG How are you? Wow, I am totally impressed. I knew you were a photographer, but you are big time now huh? How are ya? I miss you. What are you up to? Your photos are awesome. I am speechless. Feel free to check out our blog
    Take Care, ShawnDawg

  2. Woops–sorry that last comment was from me, not Brie.

  3. LOVE them!!!! Thanks Kelli!

  4. Love Love Love these pictures!

  5. Oh I love the corn field one!!

  6. love that 2nd photo kelli!

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