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Baby Wes

This little guy is the youngest of 4 and looks just like his older siblings! He has the bluest eyes and is a good example of what happens when you're patient :). Eventually, ALL babies will fall asleep. Eventually...

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  1. oh, i’m in love!

  2. oh…. very very sweet. I love these.

  3. Ps. did any of the bean bag or those cute baskets turn out? I’m not is a hurry to get them, just wondering?

  4. Wow! You were fast. Melissa called to tell me they were up. He looks so peaceful, like he was asleep the whole time:) Thanks again, I love them.

  5. So cute. Hope he didn’t poop on everything like Noah.

  6. Beautiful Kelli! Love these!

  7. ahhh, he DOES look just like his siblings!!!! ADORABLE pics!!!!!

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