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Robyn and Kevin…on the beach

I got to go all the way to San Diego for Robyn and Kevin's wedding! I really love Southern California and they took me to an awesome beach for some pictures and a first look the evening before the wedding. It was super super overcast and we lost the light pretty quickly, but we got a lot of awesome shots in!

More from the rest of the wedding coming on Monday!

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  1. Ohhh! I LOVE these photos. You really are so talented. I still need to order Wes's. Somehow with 4 kids and none of them in school during the summer I can't get ANYTHING done :0

  2. These are all beautiful. I love that last photo.

  3. So, so pretty. I love the lighting — good job with it even after sunset.

  4. Ditto everything Brooke said…AMAZING!!!!

  5. my favorite is the last photo. They almost make a heart with their chins. cute.

  6. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE the last one, I am dying to see more!!!

  7. Look at you getting all creative with the flash! Her hair is just perfect for that crown she has on, it's all so beachy and beautiful. I love that nervous anticipation in the 3rd picture. Can't wait to see the wedding!

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