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Karen and Chandler engaged!

This was my first real shoot with my 5D Mark II! It actually got rescheduled due to the torrential downpours Utah was experiencing. I heard that out of 17 days it rained 12 of them. What is this?? So I actually had to leave my sister while she was in labor to do this shoot, lol (the baby still didn't come for nearly another day).

I met Karen last year on a trip to Mexico with a non-profit group called Kaiizen. They go with huge groups of mostly college students to orphanages down there and put on parties for the kids along with service such as building schools and painting murals. I can still remember Karen talking all about Chandler on the drive down there :). The trips are always a lot of fun and a great way to meet awesome people! Awesome people like Karen.


Another favorite.

Their eyes are killing me.

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  1. Thanks everyone! Kylie, they were at Wheeler Farms in SLC.

  2. Where did you shoot these photos? What a cool place! They are such a cute couple.

  3. oh these are great! Love the location! And their eyes are beautiful!

  4. Thes ear so lovely – congratulations on the 5D. It is my dream for 2010 to buy one!

  5. Gorgeous colors. The 5-D is in good hands.

  6. Wow, beautiful. Your favorites are also my favs, plus the one where she's standing behind him a couple more shots down. So gorgeous.

  7. that of course was Brooke, not Tripp…but you probably figured that out already

  8. LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're just insanely (sp?) good…that is all there is to it!

  9. I love these Kelli!! I have followed your blog obsessively for the past year and I cant believe I'm on it now!! yay!

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