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Baby Ambree

One of my roommates from BYU had a beautiful baby girl in December and I was able to photograph her while I was in Utah for Christmas.  They moved into a new house on Christmas, so the lack of furniture in the kitchen created a perfect little "studio" for our shoot.  When I was pulling out different blankets and hats and things Marilee said, "This is like playing dress-up!"  Yep, my job is so much fun it's like playing dress-up!  I love it and I love photographing newborns!  Ambree was such an angel!

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  1. Those are fabulous! I too love her hair, the lighting is soooo nice with these, I looked at these a while ago and didn’t have time to comment, but I STILL can’t even begin to pick a favorite!

  2. So precious. I can’t get the first 4 to load but I love the rest. I especially love the one where she’s wrapped in the white loosly knit wrap and the two on the white blanket. You so captured the beauty of a newborn. Fabulous job….as usual.

  3. She is such a beautiful baby! Great photos!

  4. So so sweet! I love the one with her eyes open. She is gorgeous!

  5. That baby has great hair! Super sweet shots.

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