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Cameron Kate

Isn't her name darling?  I was so excited to get an email from this little one's mama as this was my first newborn in Houston!  She's the first baby to this lovely couple and, if I remember correctly, she's also the first grandchild!  So many people must love this little girl already.  When we first started she was wide awake, but before long she fell into a deep sleep and performed wonderfully for us.

Why are baby toes so delicious??  I just love them.

Love her little baby faux-hawk.

Mom tickled her cheek here to get that little grin :).

At the end of the shoot she woke up and all of her faces cracked me up!

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  1. Beautiful BABY….I was at your wedding, by the way……

  2. She is so teeny tiny and delicate and has the sweetest expressions. My favorite is the one in the basket with the hat with the little smile. What a sweetheart!

  3. She is soooo tiny! These pics are so beautiful and Ella is really loving looking at them!!!

  4. Just beautiful. I love the pink hat picture where she is smiling. Sweet baby. Great pics.

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