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He Melts My Heart

Crazy to think that this little guy was the same one that I watched come into this world the day I graduated last year!  He was much more wrinkly and old-man-ish back then.  He is such a perfect baby; he'll eat anything, entertain himself for hours, and never gets frustrated when he's working on something (such as pulling out everything from the bottom shelf of the freezer while mom is putting away groceries). Not to mention those California-surfer-boy good looks.

We got these shots RIGHT after he woke up.  I wanted to capture that look, bedhead and pj's and all, and since he was still in that just-woke-up daze he sat still for quite some time :).

I just love love love this face and that crazy bedhead.

He's started crawling, but a lot of the time it's this funny side-winding army crawl.  It's so adorable.

Click on this video if you really want to see him in action 🙂 - Max

If I could photograph 6-9 month old babies everyday I would be so happy.  Love you Max!

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  1. I love love LOVE these pictures! You captured him perfectly. Thanks Kelli!!!

  2. I bet his Daddy is gooooood looking… I know his Mama is!

  3. HOLY COW, he is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO freaking CUTE, the eyes, the crazy hair, his smile!!! That is some fabulous lighting too!

  4. Couldn’t help but comment…he is such a cutie!!!

  5. Oh I LOVE these. He’s changed so much since December. Such CUTE pictures!!!!! Love the light.

  6. Hi Kelli! I don’t know if you remember me, but you took pictures of my big pregnant belly, homebirth, and newborn pics of my daughter, Olivia. She turns 3 on April 22nd, and I just found your site! I’m sad you are so far away now, because I’d love to recommend you to a client of mine. You pictures are beautiful! I will always treasure the ones you did for my family.

  7. He looks so much like Ty! I love those, he is perfect (wish I could watch the video, I think my netbook is too small)

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