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Paris is still one of my favorite places.  We were only there for half a day during a layover and most of it was at night, but we were able to see some sites!

Once again, you can see more at my proofing site!

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  1. Fabulous as usual!!!! I wish I could say Paris is one of my favorite places….maybe in 18 more years 😉

  2. LOVE them. I can’t wait until Paris is one of MY favorite places to go. Lucky you….and lucky us that you get to go a shoot great shots.

  3. I am so envious of your amazing talent! You have captured the spirit of Paris as well as the beauty and vibrance of the city. Please tuck me into your camera bag on your next trip!!

  4. You know that last one is my fav. This is your second trip to Paris, no? It’s fun watching your style progress and change over time.

  5. incredible. I love the shift tilt action going on! Those pictures belong in a magazine or book. Thanks for inspiring

  6. Sigh…..I love Paris too! I’ve been to almost every site you captured so beautifully. Those were the days….sigh… I think you should go to France again and capture some beautiful countryside. 🙂

  7. Kelli, I absolutely love that first photo! The texture and high contrast are great, and I love the vintagey fill to it. Like old Paris!

  8. Gorgeous, Kelli!! you are such an incredible photographer.

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