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W Family

K is a very talented photographer down in League City and wanted to get together to do a lifestyle shoot with her cute family!  Here are just a few.

For some reason, I really love this first one.  G got some air!

This one cracks me up.  They were trying to get J to sit with the family, but he wanted nothing to do with them (for about a minute).  Ah, the middle child.

I LOVE this one too!  The way A and G turned around to look at me is just so precious.

I love it when people bring fun, colorful props and my stools matched their colors perfectly!

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  1. Oh, I guess that was the 2nd one…

  2. LOVE the first one, reminds me of the attempt to get a family pic the last time you were here! These are awesome!

  3. Cute, cute, cute… Thanks! Looking forward to seeing the rest too.

  4. Very cute shoot.

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