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Kelly’s Maternity Shoot

Kelly is such a stunning pregnant mama!  With my 5'2" frame there's no way I'll look this good carrying a baby :).  We shot at 34 weeks and happened to choose a hot and humid day in Houston (oh wait, they're ALL hot and humid).  We had to take quite a few breaks, but we got some beautiful shots.

Her charming 5-yr-old (and husband) came and I snagged this last shot of Aidan right before we left.  Little boys totally crack me up.

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  1. She’s gorgeous as are these pics!!!!

  2. I love the first one with the yellow flowers, it looks like a great location and yet it’s the mama who shines through the picture.

  3. She IS a beautiful pregnant person. . .and great shots! Aiden’s pic is particularly appropriate for a 5-yr-old. Too funny.

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