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Eric and Lauren

Koree and I drove to Austin to photograph Eric and Lauren's engagement session and they're actually getting married in St. George, Utah this Saturday!  Eric was a freshman trying to get into the photography program when I was a senior at BYU and he became my little brother of sorts :).  I love this guy!  It was great to meet Lauren, isn't she gorgeous?!?

Nice going, Eric :).

Can't wait to see you two this weekend!!!

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  1. What a gorgeous couple! These are beautiful!

  2. I think this is my favorite engagement!! I love the shot of them lying in the grass, the one of them dipping a bit, and of course, all the pops of turquoise! I can’t wait to see their wedding pics.

  3. These are freaking awesome! As I was scrolling through I kept saying “oh, this is my favorite” so by the end, I had like 8 favorites…the eye one is amazing and I love the one of them laying in the grass, and them almost kissing…like I said, too many favorites!

  4. Fantastic. This definitely ranks up there with my all time favorite engagement shoots. Nice job.

  5. These are gorgeous! Love the close up of their eyes.

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