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Bandera Family

Don't you love all of S's hair??  It does make it a little difficult to put in headbands sometimes as you can get funny wisps of hair poking out all over the place!

Her mama is from the Philippines so it was a lot of fun to talk to her about it!  I lived there for a short time several years back and the conversation made me yearn for mangoes and pineapple.  I even left with this amazing little mango desert a friend brought back from the Phils.  It was so tasty!

Thanks for letting me play with your perfect baby for the day! (and thanks for that incredible gumbo too!)

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  1. oh my…oh my gosh!…very cute baby:)

  2. LOVE her lips! And I love that yellow background! Great job!!!

  3. soooooo cute!!!!–;-)

  4. Oh my gosh….she IS perfect. What a little beauty. Great pics.

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