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When I showed up to Bradley's newborn shoot I was greeted by several of his family members, including two (of his many) aunts!  They were such a great help and it was obvious this little one will never lack for love and attention.

This first shot embodies my love affair with gray.  Oh, gray, how I love thee.

Look at that little foot!  I just want to tickle it.

Do you ever think that in 10 years we'll be saying, "Why on earth did we put those weird hats on naked babies?"?  I still think it's just too cute to pass up :).

I hope we never stop putting fun hats on cute naked babies!

Isn't he sweet?  The last 20 or 30 minutes of the session he was out!  I moved him from prop to prop, certain he was going to start squirming, but he kept on sleeping!  What a good boy.

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  1. Where did you get these cute hats love them

  2. Haha, I also don’t want to live in a world without cute hats on naked babies…these are fabulous, gorgeous baby and gorgeous pics!

  3. LOL, we WILL probably be wondering that. He is a beautiful newborn. I think the orange and yellow hat pic and the basket are my favs.

  4. I for one don’t want to live in a world without fun hats on sweet little babies like this little guy. The blue and white striped hat is my favorite one- baby tummy AND baby face! What an adorable boy!

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