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Happy Birthday Cade!

The boy who made me an aunt 10 years ago hit the double digits today!  I have so many memories of this guy.  The first time I ever felt him kick (in-utero, of course), my sister leaned over me while we were sharing a bed and he kicked me in the bum!  When he was born I went around telling all my friends in high school that I was an aunt.  I couldn't have been happier and he couldn't have been more perfect.  I even vividly remember taking care of him overnight when he was around 6 months old; I woke up frequently to make sure he was still sleeping on his back and breathing!

Cade, I can't believe you're growing up so fast.  You're the coolest 10-year-old I know (and the sweetest, best at sports, and most definitely the most handsome).  Happy Birthday!!!

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  1. i remember that day! you and brie were on the phone in Mrs. Farrah’s class 🙂

  2. I LOVE these pictures. This post practically makes me cry. I love this post and I love this boy. I agree with everything you said. He IS the coolest, cutest, most wonderful 10-year-old. . . . .Ok. Here’s the weird thing. When I clicked on “leave a comment”, I didn’t see that Brooke had left a comment. After I wrote what I did, I saw Brooke’s comment which was almost word for word. Twilight zone-ish.

  3. Awwww, I love this post and I love that boy 🙂 I am in complete denial that he is ten years old, and I agree with every word you wrote! Thank you soooooo much for posting this, you’re an awesome aunt!!!!

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