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This little sweetheart was the perfect ending to a week where I had 5 shoots in 4 days!

Perfect, isn't she?

I'm a tiny bit obsessed with this next image.  Stunning new mommy; gorgeous, happy babe.  I'm honored I was able to capture this special moment in your life!

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  1. Yeah, it doesn’t get much better than that last shot!!!!! Gorgeous mom and baby!!!!!

  2. these are beautiful! where did you find those headbands?! so cute!

  3. sho shweet tiny cute lil sweetheart.GOD bless u both :-*

  4. I love to be grandma, it is like a dream came true. The last picture of you and Shaya is like two gorgeous angels, this picture is telling a beautiful story.

  5. I am proud to be the grandma of this littel beautiful girl and the mom of her gorges mommy. Thanks Kelli you are the best!!!!!!

  6. OMG! Is that wallpaper?? LOVE the last picture. Stunning!


  7. Kelli, thank you so much for these beautiful pictures you took. I can’t wait to see the rest of them. I’m so glad Elaine introduced me to you and your beautiful work.

  8. oh, wow! That last one is so special!

  9. Yes, she IS perfect, and I too LOVE that last image. Magical.

  10. Love that last picture!!!! Beautiful!!!

  11. Oh my gosh—–that last picture is absolutely beautiful! What a treasure.

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