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I absolutely love the look on this new mama's face!  Christian is such a lucky guy to have such happy, in-love parents.  I loved having them in the studio.

Christian's pretty happy too.

I love his sweet face in this shot!  So fun to have a little blondie to photograph.  I was born with white hair and eyelashes, but it's not common to photograph a newborn like that!

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  1. I LOVE the orange, gray, blue combo!!! Awesome pics!! Adorable family!!

  2. Congratulations! Healthy Mom and Healthy Baby! Your Blessed!

  3. Congrats nate , now ya know what iw as going thru 2x now !!

    so happy for you guys —

  4. Yeah, you nailed that shot!

  5. STUDIO??? When did this happen??

  6. Silly me….I wrote my comment BEFORE reading what you wrote. . . .that you shot it in your studio. I love the look the studio gives you. I love the love, too.

  7. So Sweet! He is a cutie!

  8. I love the blonde hair too!!!! That family shot may be my all time favorite family shot of yours. LOVE it. Was this in your studio?

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