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Watson Family

I've been friends with Jeremy since I was 14! We don't see each other often, but I love it when we do!! They're adding another boy to the mix and I think their little girl is in denial a bit ;). Love you guys!IMG_1127 IMG_1131 IMG_1135
IMG_1026bw IMG_1034-2 IMG_1052bw IMG_1070-2 IMG_1072-2 IMG_1085-2 IMG_1107-2 IMG_1114-2 IMG_1166bw IMG_1186-2 IMG_1211-2 IMG_1215-2 IMG_1222-2 IMG_1249bw IMG_1253-2


Quinn’s Newborn Session

I've photographed all three of these kiddos since they were newborns! It's been such a pleasure to be able to watch this family grow. Quinn has some pretty fantastic sisters to look up to!
IMG_3526-2 IMG_3693-2 IMG_3955-2 IMG_4154-2 IMG_4261bw IMG_4750-2 IMG_4844-2

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Miranda’s Senior Pictures

I've been photographing Miranda since she was a toddler! Back then I was in high school and shooting mostly black and white film. I'm so glad this family loves me as much as I love them!

IMG_0595bw IMG_0597-2 IMG_0711bw IMG_0800-2 IMG_0904bw IMG_0953-2 IMG_1008-2 IMG_1024-2 IMG_1137bw IMG_1207-2 IMG_1216bw IMG_1226-2 IMG_1316-2 IMG_1444bw IMG_1484-2 IMG_1548-2 IMG_1553-2 IMG_1665-2 IMG_1729-2

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