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Tommy’s Newborn Session

These two little super heroes were perfect for me!! I don't know that I've ever photographed a more agreeable 2-year-old with a newborn sibling. She was SO sweet with him and Tommy was a perfect angel, despite being almost 3 weeks old already!
IMG_7362-2 IMG_6993-2

Her eyes!! IMG_7043-2IMG_7161-2

She did this all on her own. Such a heart-melting moment!! IMG_7172-2IMG_7542-2 IMG_7926-2 IMG_7953-2 IMG_8223-2

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I photographed Micaiah when he was a newborn and now it was his little sister's turn!!
IMG_1267-2 IMG_1029-2

Love seeing this guy's cute face again and how sweet he was with his sister!!!IMG_1318-2 IMG_1610-2 IMG_1790-2 IMG_2003-2 IMG_2201-2 IMG_2261-2 IMG_2434-2 IMG_2448-2

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Another repeat client! I've loved working with this lady all her life. She's always been so happy and pleasant to work with!!
IMG_2045bw IMG_2066-2 IMG_2070-2
IMG_2075-2 IMG_2100-2 IMG_2103-2
IMG_2111bw IMG_2129bw
IMG_2233-2 IMG_2242-2


Jung Family

We had to wave the mosquitoes away constantly during this session!! Thankfully, we kept the little lady safe from bites and got some beautiful shots!!!

IMG_2002-2 IMG_2007-2 IMG_2011-2 IMG_2016-2

I'm obsessed with her bright blue eyes!!  IMG_2026-2 IMG_2072bw IMG_2098-2 IMG_2137-2 IMG_2140-2



I've been photographing this family since sister #2 was on the way and these girls were pretty excited to meet sister #3!! Their mama is always so creative and this sign she brought was adorable.

IMG_6640 IMG_6665 IMG_6667 IMG_6685And then she was here!! What a sweet little angel, she was.
IMG_0412-2 IMG_0651-2 IMG_0883-2 IMG_1041-2 IMG_1132-2 IMG_1207-2 IMG_1248-2 IMG_1270-2 IMG_1525-2 IMG_1633-2

Can't wait until Annabelle's six month session!!

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