The Birth of Camden

One of the most meaningful and beautiful things I’ve done in my career has been photographing the birth of a child.  It is something that has always fascinated and intrigued me.  Being witness to a couple become 3 or a family become 4 has to be one of the most sacred things I’ve ever experienced.  It was such an honor to watch Camden join the world and I hope I can express some of those feelings through these photographs.  I thought I wasn’t going to be allowed in the OR until about 10 minutes before surgery and when I found out I was practically jumping with joy.  The nurses and doctors were so incredible and supportive and seemed really focused on making it a good experience for everyone involved.  I’m so grateful Camden’s parents’ trusted me with capturing this moment.  Thank you!

Miles is the proud big brother and when I first arrived his grandmas took him down to the gift shop to pick out a present for baby sister.  Miles was one of the first newborns I photographed in Houston three years ago!

On our way back upstairs is when I found out I was allowed in the OR.  I threw on my flattering paper scrubs and got ready.

They let me have free reign of the room and it was absolutely fascinating.

Then she was here.

When I was editing and got to this next image?  Instant tears.  You are both so beautiful.


One last kiss from mama before they finished up.

Time for big brother to meet baby sister!  He was so sweet to her.

Beautiful, isn’t she?


Congratulations!!  I’m so happy for your family.  Thanks again for letting me be there.

That One’s Birth

Many of you know one of my favorite friends, Jenna (aka That Wife, aka Mrs. Avocado).  I still remember the day last year (on August 5, btw) when I got a gchat message saying “I just got a positive pregnancy test” from someone in mild shock, I believe.  I worked very hard to keep my schedule mostly free in the middle of April and we both prayed that I would be able to make it.  I did!  Jenna was having several signs of labor so I drove up Sunday morning.  For anyone interested in hearing the whole story and seeing more pictures, I’m sure Jenna will be posting it on her blog in the coming weeks (or months, you know how newborns are).

For now, here are just a few.

And then,

He was here.

And he was beautiful.

April 12, 2010

2:40 pm

8 lbs 4 oz

21 inches

Happy Birthday little guy.