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O homem da minha vida (the man of my life)

This is Allan (dangling his feet off this scary cliff in Brazil because the guy has no fear).
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Early this year the stars aligned and we somehow managed to learn of the existence of the other (thanks, Facebook!). We had several mutual friends and at some point we realized that he even knew my cousin from nearly 7 years ago! We also realized that we were made for each other (and that we'll have beautiful babies ;)).

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I went to Brazil, and he came to Texas. We spent hundreds of hours on the phone and skype together. Hundreds.

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We had never been happier :). Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

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Last week we went with some friends to a Brazilian restaurant where Allan was planning to teach forró after he and I did a little demonstration. He is obsessed with this Brazilian dance and incredibly talented at it!! He started teaching me not too long ago so I was really nervous! I actually asked him to do it with a friend of ours who knew the dance more, but he insisted that we do it together. Little did I know that he was going to pop the question! You can watch the whole thing in its magical wonderfulness here:

It was a complete surprise to me as it's not Brazilian tradition to do a big formal marriage proposal, so I didn't really expect him to do anything quite like this.



It's Brazilian tradition for both the bride and groom-to-be to wear a gold band on the right hand when you get engaged with the other's name inscribed inside. When you get married you move it to your left hand and get your wedding date inscribed as well. I love this!!


And in case you're wondering what we're going to look like at our wedding, here's my little niece's representation ;). She drew this months ago when I was on the phone with Allan and we asked her to draw us a picture to keep her busy. We will treasure this always :).
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PS: For those who are wondering, we will live in Houston once we're married! There's alway the possibility of moving, but we don't have any plans to do so at this time :).

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Burroughs Family

We explored some great spots at the Houston Arboretum that I hadn't been to before for this session! The little man was an outstanding model for me for the second time! Last time he was only 18 months old and even then he was a dream to photograph :).
IMG_2053-2 IMG_2102-2 IMG_2190bw IMG_2193-2 IMG_2210-2 IMG_2269-2 IMG_2301-2 IMG_2366-2 IMG_2563-2 IMG_2661-2 IMG_2730-2 IMG_2749-2 IMG_2755-2 IMG_2810-2 IMG_2886-2 IMG_3032-2 IMG_3083-2 IMG_3122-2 IMG_3185-2


Watson Family

I've been friends with Jeremy since I was 14! We don't see each other often, but I love it when we do!! They're adding another boy to the mix and I think their little girl is in denial a bit ;). Love you guys!IMG_1127 IMG_1131 IMG_1135
IMG_1026bw IMG_1034-2 IMG_1052bw IMG_1070-2 IMG_1072-2 IMG_1085-2 IMG_1107-2 IMG_1114-2 IMG_1166bw IMG_1186-2 IMG_1211-2 IMG_1215-2 IMG_1222-2 IMG_1249bw IMG_1253-2


Quinn’s Newborn Session

I've photographed all three of these kiddos since they were newborns! It's been such a pleasure to be able to watch this family grow. Quinn has some pretty fantastic sisters to look up to!
IMG_3526-2 IMG_3693-2 IMG_3955-2 IMG_4154-2 IMG_4261bw IMG_4750-2 IMG_4844-2

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Miranda’s Senior Pictures

I've been photographing Miranda since she was a toddler! Back then I was in high school and shooting mostly black and white film. I'm so glad this family loves me as much as I love them!

IMG_0595bw IMG_0597-2 IMG_0711bw IMG_0800-2 IMG_0904bw IMG_0953-2 IMG_1008-2 IMG_1024-2 IMG_1137bw IMG_1207-2 IMG_1216bw IMG_1226-2 IMG_1316-2 IMG_1444bw IMG_1484-2 IMG_1548-2 IMG_1553-2 IMG_1665-2 IMG_1729-2

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