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V Family

I've been photographing this family since the twins' first birthday party! We had to reschedule this session multiple times because we always chose dates that had the worst weather Houston has seen this year. Seriously. The 1st time the thunderstorms were so bad that there were flood warnings and the second time was the day Houston froze over and schools and businesses closed. The day we ended up on it was still cold and raining, but we were mostly indoors and these guys took it like champs!

It's always awesome when you can convince toddlers to hug each other. How cute are they?!



Miss Claire was such a sweet little peanut! She had a clear preference for soft, furry blankets (as told by the disappearing scowl when we placed her on them), so we made sure she was nice and comfy once we figured that out :).

She loved to stick her legs straight out!

I'm a big fan of bright colors and Claire pulled them off quite well! Nice to meet you, little lady!



I photographed Owen's big brother Luke just over a year ago! It was really great to meet this handsome fella and chat with his mama again.


When I was posting these pictures I looked back at Luke's newborn pictures and realized we had a similar shot of the two. Here's Luke as a newborn:

And here's Owen:

I think that little cowlick is the most adorable thing!! His mom agreed with me, but I imagine it will drive her crazy when he's older and she's trying to tame his hair :).

Smiley boy! Nothing is better than a sweet sleeping newborn grin.


Family Pictures in San Francisco!

While I love Houston, San Francisco won for weather while I was there in December. I was so afraid it would be too cold, but it was absolutely perfect. So take note, SF in August: Freezing; SF in December: Wonderful. I love this city!

I know this great family because I've been photographing Christina's sister's family in Houston for years! I've been able to photograph Christina's family in Houston a few times as well, but she really wanted some iconic San Francisco shots while they were living close to the city. I believe we succeeded :).




Ethan is another little guy who I got to photograph first when he was just a wee one kicking on his mama's bladder! I first met his parents back in October on a beautiful Houston fall day (but let's be honest, she could be wearing that same dress this week. I do love Houston winters!).

I sure do love parents with a sense of humor! If you look close you'll see Ethan's outfit is covered in mustaches as well :).


He was so expressive! Kept making faces that cracked me up.

We did his session on his 1-month birthday, so his parents brought cupcakes to celebrate! They were quite delicious :).