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Email Issues!

It's come to my attention that some emails from clients didn't come through yesterday, even though they were in the same thread as others that DID come through. I don't know if this is an ongoing problem, but I'll be investigating and if I haven't responded to an email from you please send another one and CC to

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From 2014, but I'm still in-love with this little man's 6 month session!

IMG_8160-2 IMG_8211bw IMG_8268bw IMG_8379-2 IMG_8556-2 IMG_8581-2
IMG_8649bw IMG_8691-2 IMG_8728-2 IMG_8747-2

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Evans Family

Second time I've photographed these kiddos at Brazos Bend! Much of the time with these two is spent picking flowers and exploring the grass and trees. How wonderful is the curiosity of children!

IMG_0633-2 IMG_0665-2 IMG_0723-2 IMG_0782-2 IMG_0806bw IMG_0887-2 IMG_0983bw IMG_0988-2 IMG_1058-2 IMG_1076-2 IMG_1080bw IMG_1102-2 IMG_1190-2 IMG_1463bw IMG_1537-2 IMG_1658bw IMG_1690-2 IMG_1820bw


Parker Family

This was a family session from last year, but I've always loved it! I adore the love between these two.

IMG_3113-2 IMG_3128-2 IMG_3155-2 IMG_3216-2 IMG_3396-2 IMG_3444-2 IMG_3544-2 IMG_3782-2 IMG_3802-2 IMG_4101-2


Vo Family

This is baby J...


and this is his big brother T when he was a newborn! IMG_2247bw

I love seeing these families grow!
IMG_7057-2 IMG_7127-2 IMG_7158-2 IMG_7369bw IMG_7465-2 IMG_7773-2 IMG_7920bw IMG_8051bw IMG_8261-2 IMG_8289-2

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