It’s a girl!  Charlotte’s parents didn’t know her gender until her birth, which was so exciting for everyone involved.  I did their maternity session last month and I was so happy to hear she arrived!

Charlotte’s dad couldn’t make it to the session so I wanted to get plenty of pictures up to show him how well she did!

Eric got Ali this beautiful antique locket  and when I placed it on Charlotte’s chest she grabbed on tight! It was really sweet.

Welcome, sweet Charlotte!


I recently returned from a trip to Las Vegas for a photography convention and scheduled this session with Benjamin 10 hours after my flight landed!  He was a wonderful welcome home gift.  Not only is he a truly beautiful newborn, but he was a good sleeper and kept me laughing throughout the session with his obsession of sticking his legs straight out constantly.  He may have kicked me in the face once.

Look at this handsome boy!

I just love his hands here.

It was so fun to cuddle and rock a tiny newborn again!  Nice to meet you, buddy!

Maddie & Catie

I really enjoy photographing sisters and these two sweet girls made my job pretty fun.  I love looking through the images later and having shots like this pop out at me.  Maddie is such a beauty!!

It’s not always easy to get sweet smiles like this from a 4-month-old.  I love the expression on her face!

I love kids Maddie’s age because they’re so full of curiosity and sweet innocence.  I find their questions hilarious and their desire to tell me all about their life endearing.  It was wonderful to meet you all!


Everett was the first baby I photographed after getting back from my Southeast Asia trip (about 17 hours after my flight landed!) and he was just perfect.  He was such a sweet boy, as you can see!  He’s also the first baby on both sides of his family, so there’s a lot of love going around for this guy!

Well, hello there!  It was very nice to meet you, little buddy!