Ryan & Ann

Ryan and Ann are friends from church who got this session from a service auction we did.  I’m so glad because we had so much fun!  If you’re any of our friends you should recognize this first shot as it’s a nearby movie theater many of us frequent!  I’ve been dying to photograph here since I moved to Houston and I was so excited when they chose this location!  There are so many fun colors.

It only took a few tries, and even Ryan was impressed that he could jump like this!

They’re such good jumpers.


L Family

I photographed my oldest sister’s family back in October in Minnesota and not even the rest of my family ever saw these pics!  Here ya go, family.

We got this little stool for this shoot and I’m so glad we did!  Max thought he couldn’t get off it since his feet didn’t touch the ground, so it was the only way to get pictures of him by himself.

At the time, this Buzz Lightyear doll was his favorite thing in the world.

Swords are his other favorite thing (and don’t even get him started on basketball).

Ty is getting so big.  I’m going to be in complete denial when he starts dating (which will hopefully be when he’s 25 as he’s totally oblivious to girls at the moment).  I wish I had pictures of him as a baby online, but that was back when I shot all film!

Doesn’t Tessa look sweet?  Don’t let her fool you ;).

Dang, the kids in my family have some blue eyes!!

I got to spend Christmas in Minnesota building snow tunnels and it looked a bit different than it did in October :).  I officially love Minnesota and can’t wait to go back!

Colin Patrick

I photographed this little guy back in October, but he’s one of several that I was too busy to blog!  Hopefully, I can make up for it by filling my blog with their sweet little faces now…in January.

See?  His shoot was the day before Halloween and his parents had a hat and a carved out pumpkin waiting for me!

Colin is named after a very special uncle and I know he has many many family members that love him and were so grateful he came into this world!


Tim was another sweet baby in the under 6 lbs club!  I just love holding and snuggling those tiny ones!  My sisters use yoga balls to bounce their babies to sleep, so I bought one to use as well.  I got to try it out on this little guy!  He definitely preferred his mama though :).

I’m loving this blue/green/brown combo.  Gorgeous with his skin tones!

We got several grins too!  Thanks, little buddy!


I photographed little Alyssa last month and here are a few favorites!

Love her smile in this one!!

She has the perfect amount of chub and such a sweet little face!