Neel & Tara

Photographing young siblings can be such an adventure!  Neel and Tara gave me a workout, but it sure beats a treadmill!

When you have an older sibling around 3 and a younger one around 1 1/2, the older one frequently is very accommodating to mom and dad’s request to put his/her arm around the younger one.  It may start like this…

But it always ends like this (usually in mere seconds)!  Those little ones are so independent and not always so excited about the excess love and restriction they’re receiving.

I’m pretty sure this is when I’m telling him if he looks hard enough he’ll find Thomas the Train inside my camera.

It was such a fun afternoon that I hear Neel keeps asking when “Aunt Kelli” will come over to play :).  That just melts me!

Seth & Evann

Many of you should remember Seth (I still get comments on “the chubby baby making all the funny faces”)!  Thank goodness he didn’t lose too much of that chub yet.  Love it!

This time I got to photograph his beautiful sister as well!  I adored her room.  Isn’t she beautiful?

Seth was not fond of being clothed that day, but I thought this shot of the two of them was darling!

Cogan Family

Baby A was still so new that she curled up super tight nearly every time I posed her!  I had fun using some of my new headbands with her.

After I put her down in this prop she posed her little hands like this and I just loved it!  So delicate.

I love this next shot because she posed her own legs this way and held them!  I had to re-position every now and then, but I just couldn’t believe she would hold them in like that with no support on the sides.

Baby A lives in this amazing old home in Houston and it was really cool to walk around a bit.  They bought it from the original owners (built around 1920 I believe) and it didn’t even have a/c or heat when they got it!  I loved all the hard wood floors in every room.

Congratulations on your sweet little girl!