R Family

I think this is turning into the week where I blog lots of pictures from shoots I never got around to as this one was from last fall!  This was my second time shooting the R family and I loved seeing them again.  They are such a beautiful family and after a rough week for me personally photographing them was the perfect thing to make me smile.

Annabel was dancing for me here and it just cracks me up to look at this picture!  She was even more adorable than the previous year.

What a beautiful family you are!  Thanks for making my job awesome :).



Kate is the sweet little girl of one of my best friends here in Houston!  She was born while I was out of town back in January and we did a shoot just a couple of days after I got home.  Crystal found out she was pregnant last year after we spent a day skydiving and then a week getting scuba certified!  The day after our certification dive she took a pregnancy test and we schemed together how to tell her husband.  I was SO excited for this little one to get here :).

Our friend JJ came over to help out and took some fun behind-the -scene pictures with his point and shoot!  I think Crystal was a bit nervous about us taking the diaper off in this next shot!

I love this of these two!  I actually have it printed out and it makes me happy every time I look at it.

She looks so little here!

We were trying to calm Kate here so she was sucking on Crystal’s finger while I patted her on the bum.

At the end of the shoot JJ offered to take a picture of me and Kate so I handed the camera over, picked her up and we got this great shot (despite her looking very suspiciously out the window, I think it’s adorable).  Thanks, JJ!

I love you, Crystal!!  I’m so glad I get to be around to watch Kate grow.

Viviana and Andrew

I got to photograph these sweet twins last March.  Twins are obviously harder than one baby, but these two couldn’t have been much more cooperative than they already were!

I had tried to get Andrew and Viviana to do a particular pose with their parents, but they were not having it, so I decided to try this instead and was much happier!  I think they just knew how cute they were going to look in mom’s arms.

This next pose was their idea!  It turned out so cute.

Congratulations!  Hope they’re growing well and you’re both getting some sleep :).