Sean and Natalie

Sean and Nat are two of my closest friends, which means that this was quite possibly my favorite engagement session ever.  Not only do I love the images, but the people in them are just so dear to my heart.  I’m so glad we did this!  This first image is a definite favorite of mine.

The next…four are also favorite!

Ok, maybe every image is a favorite.

I love you two!  You’re both my favorite :).

Marc and Crystal

I’ve known Marc as long as I’ve lived in Houston and I’ve joked at times that we were practically roommates.  It’s been quite fun for me to see these two progress through their relationship and I remember many of the little steps in the beginning (you know, when she’d sit really close to him at a party and people would ask me if they were dating before they actually were and when I was apparently still clueless about it).

This was probably the most fun photo shoot I’ve ever been on, with more laughing than ever!  Don’t be afraid to be goofy, people!

I’m so happy you two are happy.  Congratulations!!

Mitch & Valerie

I’ve known Mitch since he was in middle school and I actually photographed him here a couple of years ago!  I’m so happy that he and Val found each other.  They are so adorable together!!

See those snow-covered mountains?  Yeah, this was in Utah in March…and it was FREEZING.  See how Val held up?  Doesn’t she look gorgeous and not-freezing in every picture?  Yeah, she was a real trooper.


Carla & Hector

Carla & Hector are getting married in her home country of Nicaragua, but I was lucky enough to get to do their engagements! I loved everything about this session. How gorgeous are they??

The next two may be my two favorites!

I LOVE these next two as well!

Ryan & Ann

Ryan and Ann are friends from church who got this session from a service auction we did.  I’m so glad because we had so much fun!  If you’re any of our friends you should recognize this first shot as it’s a nearby movie theater many of us frequent!  I’ve been dying to photograph here since I moved to Houston and I was so excited when they chose this location!  There are so many fun colors.

It only took a few tries, and even Ryan was impressed that he could jump like this!

They’re such good jumpers.