Marina, Luke, & Vivian

I can’t imagine being pregnant in this crazy Houston heat, but Marina pushed through the maternity session and still managed to look gorgeous!  I’ll admit, it was among the hottest sessions this year.

Then, not too much later (and a couple of weeks early!) Vivian made her debut.  Marina still managed to look beautiful just days after giving birth!

Vivian was just darling.  I love that little pucker!

I’ve been getting tons of newborn smiles from swaddled babies lately!  Swaddling must make them happy.

Van Brunt Family

There’s something about these shots of this mama and her perfect new one that really get to me.  Pure love.

So much happiness in this little family!

So much sweetness.

Quite a bit of cuteness going on as well.

It was a pleasure to be able to capture some of your joy.


Symphony is an amazing little girl.  She was born early at only around 2 lbs (if I remember correctly).  Can you believe that this beautiful chubby little lady was ever so tiny??  She was such a sweetheart.

There’s something about this shot of Symphony and her mama that I just adore.

Ha!  Love this face she’s giving me.

She was such a happy baby!

Thanks for being such a good model :).


I photographed Riggs’ big brother Wyatt  as a newborn last year and here he is now!  I can’t get over those red lips and blue eyes!

Here’s Riggs!  They look similar, but Riggs has bigger cheeks :).  They were actually the exact same weight when they were born, even though Riggs came a bit earlier.

We even got a little smile from him :).

It was so fun to see Wyatt again and get to photograph his baby brother!

Kaim Family

Baby Kaim was so sweet and I just adore these pictures!  Her mama bought the first two headbands you see and they really went well with the backgrounds.

I think these next two are my favorites!