Max isn’t a newborn anymore, but his was one of the many this last summer that never got blogged.  When I realized that I couldn’t resist showing off a few of my favorites!  He was such a sweet, adorable newborn, and nothing has changed now that he’s all grown up and five months old.

One of my favorite scale shots I’ve taken.

Here he is now!  Isn’t he the cutest thing?!  That little bow-tie…and that hat…boy is going to have to fight off the ladies when he’s older.

N, if you get ever get tired of his cuteness I’ll take him!


R Family

You may remember this family from Kelly’s maternity session, and Sloan’s newborn and 9 month session.  It was such a blast to get together with them all!

Sloan is such a sweetie and sure loves his mama!

I about died when I saw these shoes.  Love them.

Sloan looks adorable and Aidan is cracking me up in this one!

Aidan is such a sweet big brother.  He was very cooperative every time we did a brothers shot!

Looks like this crack me up and then I usually get a more natural “normal” smile after they pull a face like this!

I’m pretty sure this is the kind of play that most dads do with their sons.

These next three are hilarious. This kid changed his expression so quickly over just a few seconds.  The first is my favorite!

 I had a great time!  Can’t wait until I see you again :).


Adrian brought his parents over last month so I could get some shots of this beautiful new family.   I LOVE everything about this shot.

He was a rather smiley little guy!  Always love that :).

What a beautiful baby, right?!?

I think this is one of the best open-eyes smiles I’ve captured on a newborn!  I’ve only seen a handful during a session, but this guy must be especially happy to be living on the outside :).

Thanks for coming out and bringing your perfect baby!

Jenny & Danny

Jenny and Danny picked a great location and then we all fought off mosquitoes like crazy.  They said a swarm of them just kept following me!  I’m amazed there’s still a place in Houston with this much green after the drought this summer.

I have one thing to say here – that baby is going to be dang cute.

Love this spot!