E Family

The E family was another great family I got to shoot while I was in Minnesota!  I just love how all their colors came together and how great they looked with the locations.   Calvin, Maxwell, and Sophie were all so good for me (especially Sophie, the girls always are!).

I find kids this age hilarious.  They have the cutest smiles!

They all have such striking blue eyes!

Stacey, you’re gorgeous!  (Also, when I flew out of Minnesota a few days later I realized I was basically wearing your exact outfit, which I had purchased during my trip!).

And quite possibly my favorite from this session:

Oh, how I love that shot!  I’m tempted to make it into a giant canvas for my own place :).  Reminds me a little of the Wizard of Oz, anyone else?

B Family

Meet the B Family!  Don’t they have great style?!  I loved their colors together.  I got to photograph them when I was visiting my sister in Minnesota.  I had to cancel and reschedule my trip 4 or 5 times, and I’m glad we ended up with this particular week because of these awesome fall colors!  They just barely started showing up when I arrived.

Luke is the big brother.

Evelyn is the big/little sister.

Lily is the sweet baby that just turned 1 a few days before our shoot!  Remember her from earlier this year?   You can’t tell from her smile, but she was crying only seconds earlier!

LOVE this next one.

This one too!  Love it so much.

After the session we all got to celebrate Lily’s first birthday!  Does anyone doubt that this little lady enjoyed her cake??

So fun to see you all again!


Remember Kelly?  I got to photograph her beautiful baby boy!  Sloan’s gender was a surprise, so I didn’t even know until I arrived for the shoot if I was photographing a boy or a girl.  I even took all my headbands just in case :).  Oh, how I love all his chub!


I got to see baby Caroline two different times for this session!  During the first session the weather looked nice and then shortly after we started the skies darkened and the rain poured down.  All our natural light was gone!  We decided it would be best if I came back a few days later when the weather was more promising.  During the first session she was only 5 days old and slept like a rock, but when she jumped up to 8 days old she decided she was too old for that baby stuff and stayed awake longer than she’d ever been!

Her mama and I worked hard and it totally paid off.