Portrait of a child…in 17 seconds

Unamused.  Extremely so.

We got her!

I had a few minutes to visit my brothers family back in December, most of which were spent taking pictures of Halle.  I wish I remember now what we did to make her smile, but that first picture cracks me up.

Craig & Jackie’s Wedding!

If you remember their engagements you’ll remember that Craig and his family are favorites :).  Friends since Craig’s 14th birthday, and they’ve done so much for me over the years!  Hopefully I’ll be around when a few more of the 5 kids get married (Craig’s the oldest).

I flew into Utah a few days before the wedding (which was in October, yes I’m way behind on blogging), but my second-shooter didn’t fly in until the night before.  Due to crazy weather he got stranded in Denver (not fun, we don’t have good luck there).  The next morning was a mad rush to the airport, getting the rental car, and then driving the several hours to Manti!  We got there just a few minutes before they got out of the temple.  It was a cold day in Manti!

First public kiss!

Yes, I’m hardcore in my Gap kid’s beanie and shootsac.  When I’m shooting I strangely don’t even feel the cold!  That is, until my fingers go numb and I can’t find the shutter button :).

And then Craig decided to join me.  Jackie stayed under the warmth of a blanket between shots :).


I’m pretty sure Jackie made both of these cakes, can you believe that?!  So if you’re in Utah and need a cake made…

Congratulations!  Can’t wait to see you all again!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and a fun Valentine’s Day!  Last minute I decided to get some heart-shaped cookie cutters (like, I got the last heart-shaped anything at Michael’s) and since one of them was metal I though it’d be fun to try and make heart-shaped fried eggs (boyfriend’s favorite) and heart-shaped french toast bites!  Rounded out with orange juice and super delicious super crispy bacon, just the way he likes it; I prefer mine chewy!

I’d love to find some fun V-day traditions that I can incorporate into the holiday (I’m not a huge fan of too many traditional traditions :)).  How did you celebrate??

Kendra & Hadley – Minneapolis

It’s official, I LOVE Minneapolis!  I have more pictures to post from my trip, but first I did this photo shoot with this cute girl and her mama, who drove down from North Dakota!  Kendra (along with some friends) runs a photography business in Fargo and I’m so flattered that she made the drive down to do some pictures!  Of course, she did get to see her sisters while she was there as well (and they helped choose the location, thanks!).  During my time with them I found out that Kendra has 3 sisters and 1 brother.  So, in order – 2 girls, then a boy, then identical twin girls.  That is MY family!  So funny.

Kendra’s sisters gave us a general location for a shoot, basically a cool area of Minneapolis, and I searched for it on google maps and then did street view.  I instantly found this amazing multi-colored wall.  I may have to make another trip in the summer just to discover more spots like this!

I think this first one of Hadley looks so sweet.  You can see the snow that was falling on us!

Isn’t it awesome?!  I want one.  Some building owner in Houston please do this.

Kendra managed to get this 12-month pettiskirt on Hadley’s 2-yr-old body (thank you elastic).  Doesn’t it make you want to go buy one for your little girl??  I love her shoes and the gray shirt!

Drove to another spot that I happened to spot during the drive.  Good thing I wore my rain boots as the snow was very deep and I was in the midst of it!  I tried to clear a spot for the two, but Hadley kept complaining about her feet being cold if she was set down.  So strange…:)

I did these all in the airport or on the plane today!  There are tons more, but I couldn’t wait to get a few up :).

Baby Sale!

No, I’m not selling adorable, scrumptious babies.  I’ve had so much fun photographing my 6-9 month old niece and nephew lately that I’ve decided to have a sale to hopefully encourage some more photo shoots of babies that age :).

So if you have (or will have) a baby 6-9 months old and you live in Houston, the session fee is 50% off for the next 7 days!  Email me at kelli@kellinicolephotography.com before Wednesday, February 17th 11:59  pm (CST) and send in a deposit and signed contract before the end of the month.  Session must be completed by the end of July.

And to put a face to this perfect baby age, a couple more pictures of Max.  In the last few days he’s mastered the art of crawling (while stealing girls’ hearts).

And he started to make this face all the time.  A little blue steel anyone?