Headed to Mexico for a few days, so I’ll be out of commission! I’ll be helping orphans with around 60 other college aged people with Kaiizen. Plently of pictures of cute little Mexican kids when I get back! No phone or email for a few days (the horror!). See ya soon!

This just might ruin it…

My healthy eating habits that is (I refuse to use the word diet…it’s a lifesyle). Check this out! Has anyone seen this? How cool is this? If I ever get married I might have to utilize this (well, maybe not, since they make m&m’s in the same factories as peanuts and I don’t want to kill my nephew).

Mid-year resolutions

It’s that time again!

Okay, so I’ve never actually made mid-year resolutions (and rarely new years resolutions for that matter), but I feel it’s time. Living out of a suitcase/my car in California/Africa/London/Paris/Utah/Washington/North Carolina for the last 6 months has not been good to me. Well, in many cases it has been and I have intensely enjoyed it. However, my diet has suffered horribly. My stomach has been the unfortunate recipient of an over abundance of mouth-watering Mexican food, exquisite fish and chips in London, to-die-for crepes in Paris, my mother’s home cooking (hahahahaha, okay, I haven’t suffered much from that, no offense mom, *she just doesn’t cook), 5 weeks of please-don’t-remind-me African cuisine, the occasional In-N-Out burger, and several trips to some very addicting ice cream shops. While I miraculously haven’t become 50 pounds overweight, I decided I DO need to do something about my eating habits so I don’t die from organ failure or stomach cancer or something.

SO, I propose, my mid-year resolutions:

1. Eat healthy (yeah, so specific, I know).
2. Eat mostly organic, and only natural, foods (thank you Trader Joe’s, and SoCal for having a TJ’s).
3. Eat lots of (raw and not so raw) fruits and veggies and lots of good fats (mmm, avacado…).
4. Take my daily Rainbow Light food-based multivitamin.
5. Take my daily dose of irresistable cod liver oil.
6. Vitamin C baby.
7. NO more sweets (besides my religious daily dose of 70-88% dark chocolate. It’s heart healthy!). (okay, I can eat like one really bad thing for me every month. Most likely ice cream. I love it. So much.)
8. Limit dairy (kefir is a-okay).
9. Limit meat, try to eat fish (I love fish, just don’t think I have ever actually cooked it myself, this could get interesting).
10. Eat out only if it’s a social thing (like with other photographers) and when I do, choose healthy options and bag up half that sucker if I have to as soon as it hits the table (did this last week at Cheesecake factory, actually, it was about 3/4, they threw the whole chicken on that plate!)
11. Drink lots and lots of water from my environmentally friendly/no weird leeching plastic chemicals/BPA-free Klean Kanteen.

I should probably throw something in about exercising…but that can be next years mid-year resolution. I can’t do everything dangit!

SO, if you know me, meet me, like me, or hate me, now you know why I’m going to be turning down your cookie or becoming obssesive at restaurants. Please, don’t tempt me!

Now that you know, you must hold me to it. If you see a piece of chocolate ganache cake in my hands please run at me full force and karate chop it from my grip. You may need a crow bar to pry it from my fingers. But I will thank you in the long run.

Anything I left out?

*all bets are off when i’m traveling…okay, not all, but i’m not dragging around a cooler with my cod liver oil when i go to mexico

7 days…

A beautiful newborn for my BFA project. Only 7 days old and oh so cuddly. Isn’t she just a doll??

I hear dad likes feet shots 🙂
I might use this one, what do you think?

She’s already perfected the ‘girl in distress’

So sweet!

Mmmm…frozen yogurt

Anyone in the bay area needs to check out this rockin’ self-serve yummified frozen yogurt shop. Yogurt Station. Totally delish. They have 8 flavors of yogurt and over 50 toppings! I took a few pictures for my friend Ryan, who just opened up the place. Click here to see a map and figure out how to get there!

PS: Editing these pictures totally sucked because a. I’m in San Diego and Yogurt Station is in Walnut Creek and b. I swore off sweets (not counting my 70-88% dark chocolate) and foods generally bad for you starting last week when I moved (6 months of living out of a suitcase was not good for my eating habits!)