Ali and Eric

I love photographing in new spots and this one also happened to be where this amazing couple got engaged!  I loved using the trees to create depth.  For those who don’t know Houston, this spot is only a few minutes away from downtown!

They aren’t finding out the gender of the baby until birth and I’m so excited!  I love it when people do that.

Ali is so sweet and gave me a lot of good tips for my trip to Bali.  They were really useful!

This last one is one of my favorites.

Congratulations!  Can’t wait to meet the little one.

Sean and Natalie

Sean and Nat are two of my closest friends, which means that this was quite possibly my favorite engagement session ever.  Not only do I love the images, but the people in them are just so dear to my heart.  I’m so glad we did this!  This first image is a definite favorite of mine.

The next…four are also favorite!

Ok, maybe every image is a favorite.

I love you two!  You’re both my favorite :).

Mason Family

This is one of my favorite families!  I love getting together with these guys and watching C grow!  This was the 5th time I’ve photographed them and it just gets easier and easier.  C has always been a looker, but he seems to get more and more handsome every time I see him.

Happy Birthday little buddy!

L is 1!

I photographed L when she was much younger and now she’s walking all over the place and trying to be as independent as she can!  We started off in her room and I love the way light pink walls reflect light into little faces.  Beautiful

We called these her “jazz hands” which is how she held them every time she walked around.  So cute!

Happy birthday!


I photographed Leighton last year as a newborn and I loved getting to see her as an almost-1-year-old!  Those cheeks!

Ha, I love the hair flying behind her!

There aren’t too many pictures of Leighton enjoying her cake, but this is a cute one!  Despite normally being fearless and adventurous, she decided she didn’t like too much frosting on her hands so it didn’t last long (two of my sister’s kids cried at their first birthdays when we tried to make them eat a cupcake; I think some kids just aren’t cake/frosting people).  Happy Birthday Leighton!