L Family

I photographed my oldest sister’s family back in October in Minnesota and not even the rest of my family ever saw these pics!  Here ya go, family.

We got this little stool for this shoot and I’m so glad we did!  Max thought he couldn’t get off it since his feet didn’t touch the ground, so it was the only way to get pictures of him by himself.

At the time, this Buzz Lightyear doll was his favorite thing in the world.

Swords are his other favorite thing (and don’t even get him started on basketball).

Ty is getting so big.  I’m going to be in complete denial when he starts dating (which will hopefully be when he’s 25 as he’s totally oblivious to girls at the moment).  I wish I had pictures of him as a baby online, but that was back when I shot all film!

Doesn’t Tessa look sweet?  Don’t let her fool you ;).

Dang, the kids in my family have some blue eyes!!

I got to spend Christmas in Minnesota building snow tunnels and it looked a bit different than it did in October :).  I officially love Minnesota and can’t wait to go back!