Isn’t Margot just lovely?  I love this blue and purple combo.  She looks so dainty and absolutely perfect!

Margot’s mama is quite crafty and this was the first quilt she ever made (with the help of her grandma).  Margot gave us plenty of smiles while she was swaddled!

G Kwap

Little Miss G was quite the alert 1-week-old!  But wow, look how beautiful.  She has some of the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen on a newborn.

Luckily, she has two big brothers to protect her as she gets older!

Check out those lashes.  I mean, seriously?  Lucky girl!



I absolutely love the look on this new mama’s face!  Christian is such a lucky guy to have such happy, in-love parents.  I loved having them in the studio.

Christian’s pretty happy too.

I love his sweet face in this shot!  So fun to have a little blondie to photograph.  I was born with white hair and eyelashes, but it’s not common to photograph a newborn like that!

Lauthers Newbie

I photographed this one’s mama just a few days before he made his way into the world! He was a great model :).

I seriously cannot believe we lucked out with this giant smile! Really, could it get any better?