Isn’t Mia’s mom gorgeous?  No wonder she turned out to be such a beauty!

I really love newborn yawning pictures!

See?  Look at that sweet face.  She’s beautiful.

This might be my favorite.  What a sweet smile!  She looks so peaceful and happy.

Those really are her footprints!  This shot was requested for Dad :).

I really enjoyed our time together (back in July, geez, where did the time go??)!

Baby K is One!

You can see K’s newborn pictures here from last June.  I can’t believe how big she is now!  Her family has this great park right by their house so we started bright and early before the sun even came all the way up.  I love this bridge.

What a beautiful family!

I love her giant eyes and crazy long hair.  What a beauty she’s turned into!

This next shot cracks me up because it looks like she’s hitchhiking.

I love this sweet moment between her and her mama.

It was so fun to see the whole family again!  Can’t wait until next time.

Zara, the smiley newborn

Zara came into this world much sooner than her family was anticipating, but she’s a fighter and also got to go home from the hospital sooner too!  Her doctor was shocked at how quickly she nearly doubled her birth weight (she was a bit over 6 lbs at the session).

I’m shocked at how smiley this little lady was.

Zara and her beautiful mama both have names that mean types of flowers.  How sweet is that?

Hey!  There’s another smile.

And some more…

She rivals one of my other smiley little guys this year in amount of smiles.  I love photographing happy babies!

Christmas is coming!

It’s crazy to think that the crazy holiday season is sneaking up on us!  I know most people probably haven’t even started thinking about it yet!  If you’re interested in doing a session for Christmas cards or gifts the deadline for the session is November 3rd.  The deadline for orders (Christmas cards or prints for gifts) for Christmas is December 5th (book orders will need to be in by Thanksgiving).  If you’re interested in gifts for another holiday please contact me.

And because no post is complete without a picture, here are a couple of shots of my cousin’s cute kids!